Coding is an important part of our generation, and it has become integrated into our society, education system, world and every day lives. We depend on coding to pursue our ideas, support our digital platforms and more.  With students becoming more exposed to technology, coding can help them become more creative with what they are interested in learning.

Riverside secondary computer programming teacher, Mr. Shane Ford believes coding has many influences on a student. Students can gain many opportunities to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. “It is a great learning experience to have for students to be successful, as they will need to have the courage to try new things and work through the technical obstacles.” said Ford.

Coding and technology have become part of our education, especially at Riverside. With the Ministry of British Columbia Education incorporating programming and technology into our curriculum, Riverside has been enhancing students learning styles by using educational technology. With electives ranging from Computer studies, to Drafting and Design, and Computer Sciences, our school has been offering support for students to learn about coding, digital literacy, and technology, and has adapted a 1:1 technology learning environment for students and teachers to be successful in educational technology.

Picture courtesy of Perkins Learning

From December 3-9, an international movement, the Hour of Code will have thousands of students participating around the world in the largest education event in history. A one-hour tutorial teaches students and teachers through coding activities to help them be introduced to the basics of coding and developing critical thinking skills.

“With over 100 million students participating in fun and accessible activities that will help engage students from being a user of technology, to a creator of technology,” said Mr. Ford.  In past events, actors, influencers, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, Malala Yousafzai and more have taken part in the Hour of Code and have been role models for students who are beginning to learn about the fundamentals of everyday reality-computers.

Students can begin to learn how to code at any age. If you are interested in computer programming Riverside offers electives such as Programming 11/12, ICT 11/12, Computer Studies 10, Drafting and Design, Networking 11/12, and more!