Saturday, September 23, 2023

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The best songs right now according to Riverside students

Music is a great part of life, and music is always changing. Music can define a culture and as well as be a form...

VTubers are taking the world by storm

VTuber are everywhere in the world, but what are they? Are they the future of Twitch and YouTube? What is a VTuber? A VTuber is a...

How an NYU graduate established Riverside’s theatre program

Happy 10-year anniversary to the teacher who put together some of Riverside’s best musicals! Newsies, Chicago, the Big Boo Hoo and The Drowsy Chaperone -...

Riverside’s 3D art students work on the “River of Reconciliation” project

Riverside Secondary students in AJ Vittie’s 3D Art (Sculpture) 12 class are currently working on an art project called the “River of Reconciliation” in...

Life behind the curtains at River’s Edge Theatre

“And the best that we can do is hope a bluebird, will sing his song, as we stumble along!” As the final line of River’s...

BookTok contributes to the increasing popularity of earlier books

BookTok is a community that allows many content creators that use TikTok to advertise their favourite books and give books another life through introducing them...

Riverside’s first audience since COVID is on the horizon with this year’s musical

Riverside’s Drama teacher, Nicole Roberge’s musical theatre class has performed at another annual MET Fest Competition in front of their first live audience since COVID began. This competition took place November 25, 2021 at Riverside’s Rivers...

A taste of theatre without the need of taking a drama course

 Quick! We’re all inside a submarine that’s sinking and go!  Have you ever wanted to let that wild and crazy side of you go? Do...

Why it’s important to have representation in the media

Only two out of every 10 lead film actors (or 19.8 percent) were minorities in 2017, this year’s UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report found. In...

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