Turning 16 is an amazing passage of rites for teenagers; it opens a world of new freedoms and possibilities. A stand-out moment is receiving the L, the first driving license a teen can receive. Most teens rush to ICBC to take the online test, hoping to pass, then finally be able to drive. From there, making the big decision starts. Who will teach you how to drive? Will it be your mom or dad around a Superstore parking lot or a professional instructor with a gas and brake pedal on their passenger side?

Having a parent teach you can be beneficial in many ways. Having someone you know and trust in the car with you as you learn to do something scary and new can be reassuring. Also, it is easier to express how you are feeling and ask questions comfortably; you can be more flexible with how long you practice driving since there are no schedules or time frames to work around. Learning from a parent is a great option because full package driving schools can be quite expensive, as the GLP (Graduated Licensing Program) can cost over $1000.

On the contrary, hiring a professional can be a very good choice and beneficial for young drivers in the long run. They teach you many tips and tricks that your parents don’t notice they are doing while driving, such as, shoulder checks and intersection scans. These types of safe driving techniques are what the examiners look for during the test to receive the N. In addition, having a trained professional teach you can give you a lot of confidence, which is very important when learning to drive. You learn more than just how to steer a car; you learn the road signs and how to be a defensive driver. To avoid the expensive costs, it is possible to only sign up for one or two lessons just to brush up on your skills. Some local driving schools include Valley Driving school, Mercedes-Benz Driving school, Young-Drivers school, and many more.

It is a very personal choice whether to get lessons or be taught by your parents. Both have pros and cons, but if possible, driving lessons are recommended by ICBC to ensure you are safe and smart on the road.

Photo courtesy of RAC drive