I had a great time. I loved taking photos of the beautiful fish and spending time with my friends.
Tiana Brennan/pullquote]On December 8, the Photography and Yearbook classes went on a field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium to take pictures of the facility for a project.
Photography and Yearbook teacher, Mr. Mike Schoenhals organized the trip. He joined Riverside at beginning of the 2018 school year. Since this was his first school field trip,

Photography student Abdul Amara.

Schoenhals wanted to start off with a great one. “This is the first time I have heard of a photography class going to the aquarium for a field trip and especially since it’s my first-year teaching photography at Riverside, I wanted a fresh cool field trip. The whole point of the field trip was to let my classes improve at their photography skills and allow them to take pictures of the beauty of the aquarium, while capturing the diversity. I am very happy with the success of the field trip because my students really enjoyed it,” said Schoenhals. The student’s assignment was to take photos that show elements of design and principles of design, such as shape, form and contrast.
Riverside grade 11 student, Tiana Brennan, had a fun experience at the Vancouver

 Hannah Smith, Tiana Brennan and Kate Glennie at the Aquarium.

Aquarium. “I had a great time. I loved taking photos of the beautiful fish and spending time with my friends.” At lunch, many of the students went to buy food at the aquarium’s Café, such as grade 9 student, Jade Lenihan. “I loved the food; my favorite part was the penguin exhibit. I loved the field trip because we got a whole day off from school to do something fun,” said Lenihan.
After the Aquarium, the students had one last stop at the Stanley Park totem poles to take more photos of the beautiful scenery. “The sun was perfect at Stanley Park. I enjoyed it so much. I took so many photos with friends, I even posted some of them,” said grade 9 photography student Kate Glennie.
Many of the students found the Aquarium an inspirational environment for different and interesting photos. The field trip was a great addition to the course.