The Women’s Wave, happening on January 19, 2019, is a nonviolent exercise of free speech. This is not a protest. It is a peaceful movement. By participating, one agrees to not engage in any acts of violence or violations of the law. Participants might have one or many reasons for joining, whether personal or public.

This year’s March originated from many reasons, including the trial of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford vs Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Prior to his confirmation into the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh was under extreme scrutiny from the Senate Committee after Dr. Ford came forward with an allegation against him of sexual assault of her when they were in high school together.

In summary, the origin of this year’s march comes from the idea of women being fed up with the treatment they have been receiving. As so cleverly worded on the Women’s March website, “we’re coming back—and this time we have an agenda.” Last year, it came from the idea of showing America’s president what the priorities of all minorities are: being treated equitably.

The event is scheduled to begin at Robson Square at 11 AM, where attendees have the option of making poster boards. From 11:45 to 12 PM, attendees begin walking to Vancouver Art Gallery. Then, from 12 to one PM, a rally will be held at the gallery. Afterwards, from one to three PM, attendants will gather and march throughout downtown Vancouver. From three to four PM, music will be playing at Vancouver Art Gallery.

If you believe in the upholding of democracy, then we encourage you to participate. With demonstrations like these, important messages are brought to a larger audience on a grander scale.