Why do boys think it’s okay to call us a basic white girl when we are drinking our Pumpkin Spice Latte’s at Starbucks or wearing our Ugg boots and messy buns? Do they not realize that they are basic too? Their trendy hair and pink hoodies are pretty basic right!?

Boys are so basic! Sure, they have great hair, but it looks like they all went to the same barber and the barber could only do one haircut with the side part cut to be exact. They are all the same when they walk into school with their khaki beige pants or ripped designer jeans and show off either their Crooks and Castle, Obey, Supreme, Anti-Social Social Club or Thrasher hoodies. Even their shoes are predictable, like Yeezys or knock-off Yeezys.

But the worst basic move is their cologne. Now some cologne isn’t bad, but spraying a huge amount of Axe near their lockers or boy’s change room is. Axe even floods the hallways, leaving us girls no room to breathe. It could totally ruin our sense of smell or if you’re lucky, you’re so used to it that it effectively has ruined your nose forever.

Girls get a bad rap as well. Wearing the same leggings all the time isn’t weird? Right! Or sacrificing life and limb for Starbucks is normal? Right!
So, ladies you’re not alone. Next time a boy calls you basic because of your Pumpkin Spice Latte remind them how they are all the same portrait too.

Photo courtesy of theodysseyonline.com