British Columbia is one of the the most beautiful most places on the earth. It is wildly popular as a travel and tourism destination as it offers diverse outdoor adventure in BC’s fabulous parks, lakes, rivers and rugged coastline. Each community has unique attractions,  colorful festivals and seasonal events, and sightseeing introduces visitors to the heritage of Canada’s western province and the ancient cultural traditions of the First Nations people of British Columbia.

Today, we welcomed two international students from Riverside Secondary School to share their favorite place in Canada with us.
‘I have been to a lot of places since 2015, the year I came to Canada. Throughout all the tourist attractions, the only place that I want to visit again is New Westminster. Because my first school in Canada was located in New Westminster Secondary School and I lived there for one year and a half.  Later, I moved to Port Coquitlam and studied at Riverside Secondary until now. That place kept all my memories and I cherish all the beautiful times. I would go for a walk with my friends after school every day. There is a beautiful river in New Westminster Pier Park. I could see now how the water had gained its glassy clarity. My favorite place so far definitely could be New Westminster’, said Juyong Choi from Korea.

Chufang Yang from China also has an interesting and meaningful story to show us. ‘This winter holiday, my parents came to Vancouver to visit me. We went to Banff Park for three days. When we reached to Banff, there was snowing heavily. The snow covered our car and stopped us from driving ahead. We jumped out of the car and tried our best to chase the car and prevented it from getting deeper and deeper. Finally, we succeeded and drove our car to the hotel. Near our hotel there was a beautiful town, named Banff Town. There were a lot of stores that sells different things, such as clothes, food, shoes and so on. The ground was full of ice and a little bit slippery so that was hard to walk on it. We fell on the ground many times but every time we could feel how close our breath was between us. We went to a famous steak house named Maple Steak and ordered two steaks to share with each other. Me and my parents all had a very great time there though the temperature was very low but the most important thing was family reunion.’

From coast to coast to coast, Canada is home to culturally rich cities, along with incredible natural wonders. There are still many beautiful places which are waiting for you to discover!