3.09 billion is a huge number! Can you imagine a country with more than twice the population of China? This is the number of active gamers worldwide.  The revenue from the video game market is projected to reach $365 billion dollars!  Even Elon Musk can’t come close to that amount of money.

What these massive numbers indicate is video gaming popularity is unmatched in all entertainment media combined. There are almost three million different video games worldwide and so it allows a ton of different options and choices. It really comes down to preference; however, there are some games that have become exceptionally well known and popular, this list changes over time.

The world of video games can be a confusing place.  It’s full of choices, decisions and themes that are in abundance.  Everyone can find their niche if they give it time.  But who is to say what is really the most popular and what is on its way out? Opinions from three different generations of players might provide an idea of the range of games there are and what makes one more popular than another.

One game that has maintained popularity over a lengthy period is Minecraft.  From older generations to the younger generations, Minecraft is the game that was presented as one of the most popular.  One of the reasons for its success has been that it is cross platform and portability.  People can play it on their computer, PlayStation, Xbox and even an iPhone.  This flexibility makes it easy access for everyone interested.  Also, it is a social game so one can play with friends which makes it more fun.  The game can be enjoyed by all ages.  This video game has even imprinted itself as a tool in the education system.  Now that is something to be impressed by!  Minecraft unleashes the creativity and freedom to build whatever your heart desires.

Call of Duty is another game that has been around for a while and remains popular.  Grade 11, Darren Leroy, a student at Riverside Secondary School, believes it is popular because “because people like shooter games and the game is relatively simple and easy to get into with not much learning to it.”   A more recent but very popular game is Roblox.  This isn’t brand new but it will remain to be seen if it can match these others in a few years.  Last is a newcomer that is popular amongst high school students because it is allowed to be played in Games clubs.  Mike Schoenhal, founder of the Riverside gaming club, found this game to be enjoyed by most.  “It’s a competitive one, but a fun one and the games are nice and short, so you can experience success and if you don’t succeed, it’s only a minute or two and then you get another chance at winning,” said Schoenhal.

For sports fans, there is continued popularity with many games: NBA2K for basketball fans, FIFA for soccer fans and MADDEN for NFL die-hards.  There is hockey, golf and tennis, so whatever one’s preferred sport is, the sports series has a great option. 26 year old sibling of a Riverside student, Denver Sparks-Guest, believes that “Everybody loves sports so those are timeless and always popular.”  Another popular game in sports is Rocket League.  It is a vehicular soccer video game.  Like the sport of soccer, the goal is to move the ball down the field and score.  However, it sounds easier than it is.  It is a very technical game and demands fast paced  game play and great dexterity.

Another game that has continued its popularity, but is likely coming to an end, is League of Legends.  Some older generations feel this is still a popular game that has held its name because of its frequent updates and satisfying team-based game play.

“Favorites change because there is a repetitive nature to games and eventually people want a different experience. It’s like watching a movie over and over.”
Mike Schoenhal

It is a mystery why some games become so hot that merchandise such as sweatshirts, posters and other items are everywhere when a game becomes popular.  Then, like other things, it dies out and another fad comes in. To stay popular takes a creative and ingenious team to keep the game exciting and addictive.  Most games do have a lifespan. As Leroy says, “Games just go stale.” People like change eventually and want to try something different.  Schoenhal also added that, “There is a repetitive nature to games and eventually people want a different experience.  It’s like watching a movie over and over.”  Technology is changing so fast, and as new options and graphics become better over time, once popular games get replaced. “New games came in with higher tech and better game engines and technology passed them on,” said Sparks.

So, whatever one thinks is the best game ever, remember that over time, something else will come along and takes the attention away from the game everyone thought they would never leave.

image from Video Game Legends by PatrickBrown on DeviantArt