Port Coquitlam students have outlined their annual goals for the upcoming new year to ensure that they have a great 2020 year.

With New Year’s quickly approaching, everyone has their typical ‘New Year’s Resolutions,’ but what are Riverside Secondary students’ plans for the new year?

Gabriela Farias, a grade 10 student at Riverside Secondary said, ‘’A goal I have is to be able to sing the alphabet backwards because sometimes I forget the order of the letters.’’

When asked why this was a goal of hers, Farias said, ‘’it’s a cool party trick but I probably won’t be invited to any if a achieve this goal, sadly’’

It has been noted that students have a widespread list of goals they want to achieve. ‘’I am planning to spend time with friends and family a lot and have time for sports and swimming in the summer.’’ Said Angelo Macaraig, a grade 10 student at Riverside Secondary

Having goals is essential to paving the way for one’s year. Without trying to set tasks for one to try and accomplish, one won’t have a reason to start off the year right.

Jaymar Gonzales, a grade 10 student at Riverside Secondary, said, ‘’being one year older than my friends, I want to try and get my N in august and I want to try [some] new hairstyles just to try it you know?’’

The new year is right upon us, whether its sports or academics, setting goals is crucial to having a successful year.

Students are looking forward to the start of the new year because it’s a start of a new decade, a feeling of a fresh start. Macaraig said he is very excited for his fresh start next year.