The ending of this semester now has two meanings to it: one of them is that the courses around the school are wrapping up, and the second one is that a new era here at Riverside is about to begin.

Riverside is excited that Mr. Jon Bruneau will be the new principal at Riverside starting next semester. Mr. Bruneau has been teaching since 1990. He was an intermediate years French Immersion teacher for 9½ years, a Senior Biology & Math teacher for 5 years, and then an administrator. He made the move from Vancouver to Coquitlam on January 1, 2009; since then, he’s been a part of four different schools (including Riverside). His last placement was at Centennial where he worked for 2½ years.
“It was a relatively short stay, but packed into those years was a major school building move from the old to the new Centennial,” said Bruneau. When asked about his thoughts on coming to a Digital Immersion school, he responded with “I’m very excited about that! I’m really passionate about online technologies, as well as the use of digital tools to get things done.”

Mr. Bruneau also talked about his plans regarding semester two at Riverside. “Mr. Anthony Ciolfitto and I have organized our first visits to each others’ schools. We both have great office teams, and so the vast majority of the daily workings in each school should still proceed as normal. We also plan to talk about how to best support our students and teachers who need to adjust to the change. I also want to learn a lot from the great kids and staff at Riverside. I hear great things. It will take some time to really learn and absorb how staff and students do what they do at Riverside. I’ll be more of an observer for a while!”

Riverside is sad to say goodbye to Ciolfitto, but would like to give a warm welcome to Bruneau and wish him all the best for the transition and for his new placement.