On October 18, members of Rapid Change were given an opportunity to attend WE Day to celebrate the accomplishments of the goals that they set that year. Not only did they get to experience a series of inspirational speakers, but at the end, students were able to take with them the goal of making a difference for others.

Evelina Borvanova, Grade 11

Evelina Borvanova, a Rapid Change member in Grade 11, described her experience attending WE Day for the second time.
“Personally, I found it very inspiring,” said Borvanova. “This was my second year so I kind of knew what to expect. But every year throws something new! Whether it’s the performers or the people, the overall vibe of the place is crazy. Even my friends were saying there was a whole new feel to it; it was very empowering.”

Ms. Adrienne Chapell, a teacher for Planning 10 and English 9/10

 Ms. Adrienne Chapell, a teacher sponsoring Rapid Change, explained why she believed students are attracted to attending WE Day every year.
“It’s a unique experience where you have to earn your way in,” said Chapell. “You get the opportunity to see big performers and hear from very influential people speak about important topics related to humanitarian work. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see all of those people put together at once; it’s also a fun and exciting event that’s great for everyone to attend.”

WE Day

WE Day is funded by WE, formally known as Free the Children. It is a non-profit organization created by two brothers, Marc and Craig Kielburger. Founded in 1995, the organization has grown since then and its participants have raised 45 million to give to various charities. Some of the performers and speakers that attended this year included Jacob Tremblay, Hedley, and Grace Vanderwaal.