At first I didn’t believe it, but apparently they’re a real thing. “Bubble Nails” or “Hump Nails” look like your large swollen fingers after being smashed in the car door. These 3D nails are even more unpractical than fake nails themselves, resembling halves of bubble gum balls glued to the tip of the nail. The trend first appeared in the U.S. a few years ago, but they have been bubble nailsrecently getting an unreasonable amount of Instagram attention. While acrylic nails are usually all about the natural thin look, this trend is all about the having a bulky look instead. Achieving this is a process. A nail technician starts off with a ball of acrylic gel in the central of the nail. Which; will be the highest point of the hump look. Then the ball will be smoothed out to be thinner at the cuticle and tip of the nail making a nice smooth hill. The trend will most likely cost $10 to $15 dollars extra to the original acrylic cost because it requires higher skill level and special techniques to achieve the look. The nails are typically painted bight bubblegum colors and decorated with glitter and small embellishments. Most people would say these nails are a little wild and unfeasible, but one never knows what other wacky trends will be circulating in the fashion world in 2015.