As the semester comes to an end, students are eager to complete their volunteer hours. Whether it’s for Planning 10, Leadership, or as a graduation requirement, they scramble to find opportunities.

Volunteering not only helps the community, but is a great experience for students of all grades. Within the Tri-Cities, there are several places and events that can prove very beneficial to an individual looking for a job as a volunteer. For some, the struggle may not be trying to find new opportunities, but perhaps finding a position more specific to one’s interests. Although there are many ways to be active in the community through volunteer work that is both interesting and enjoyable.

For students that are not sure where to start, are looking for opportunities to fit around a busy schedule or looking to coordinate with friends or family, The Flying Squad is a fantastic volunteer database. It offers short term event-based opportunities in the community for anyone who’s interested. For students looking for slightly longer term but still flexible volunteer positions, Coquitlam city Hall and the City Of Port Coquitlam websites offer lists of available volunteer opportunities in many different categories such as aquatics, child services, emergency preparedness, parks and recreation, and many more.

“I started out volunteering at a physiotherapy pool program and I enjoyed it so much that I now have a part-time position there,” said grade 10 Riverside Secondary student, Megan Schubak. Volunteering is not only a good way to be an active member of the community, but is also a great way to explore your interests and possible future careers.

There is also the option of volunteering abroad, or in other words travelling to a new location and experiencing new things there. You can choose out of several different places such Bolivia, Ghana, China, Mexico, and many more for up to four weeks during a summer break. It is an amazing opportunity to learn and see the world!

Although, it is never too early to start collecting your volunteer hours as it’s very beneficial to an individual not to leave them to the last minute and have to quickly make up the hours they are lacking.

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