The Women’s March, happening on January 21, 2017, is a public exercise of democracy and free speech. This isn’t a protest, but it originated from the idea of showing the US’ new president what the women and minorities’ priorities are. This past election has threated and demeaned these minorities, and this March is a non-violent way to take a step forward showing that this type of treatment is unacceptable. As the 21 is the first day of the new president in office, the march will send a message to the government. This march shows that all are entitled to basic human rights, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or abilities. It is a peaceful movement, showing that aggressiveness and abrasiveness isn’t needed to make a point.

Vancouver is having its own Women’s March, beginning at 10 AM at Jack Poole Plaza. It will then move to the U.S. consulate at 1075 West Pender, then on to the Trump Tower at 1161 West Georgia, before returning to Jack Poole Plaza. Anyone can come out and participate in the march. If you are interested in preserving democracy, free speech, and empathy, we encourage you to participate.

Listen to the CBC Radio segment with former Congress members, Party Express chief strategist Sal Russo and former Democratic strategist Ed Kilgore. They provide tactics that made the Boston Tea Party successful, insight on what members of the Congress think, and ways to support democratic views as a Canadian citizen.

Listen to the segment and read the transcript here