Lots of Riverside students use the Traboulay poco trail to get to and from school. Trail etiquette is very important to keep everyone safe and to keep our trails a happy place to be.

According to the city of Port Coquitlam’s trail etiquette brochure, some of the basic trail rules are: don’t take up the entire path; always keep to the right except to pass, and always walk single file or no more than two abreast. When you are being passed, keep well to the right and walk single file until the bikes or other pedestrians have passed.

If it is necessary that you listen to music, do so at a moderate volume and with only one earphone so you can hear what is going on around you. Always keep to the designated path and obey all trail signs; if walking with a dog, keep your dog under control and on a leash at all times. Remember to always pick up after your dog.

Bikers, always let pedestrians know you are going to pass them well in advance, either with a bell or by calling out “Hello, passing on your left!”. If you don’t let people know you are there, you could cause an accident. Always be friendly, and when passing, slow down, especially when around children and dogs, as they can be unpredictable. If there are more bikes behind you, always let the people you are passing know to avoid collisions.

According to sports magazine, Examiner.com, hikers always have the right of way. However, bear in mind, this does not mean pedestrians are allowed to take up the entire path. Also, keep in mind it is easier to stop and slow down when you are walking rather than when you are biking. When going uphill, hikers or bikers going uphill always have the right of way. If you absolutely have to stop to talk to someone, always move off to the side so you do not block the path.

“In my opinion, the most important rule to remember while on the trails is to stay to the right.”, said Port Coquitlam City Councilor Laura Dupont. “Also, to keep the trails a happy place to be, Riverside students can keep litter picked up and to make them look inviting, to keep them visually appealing so people want to use and enjoy them.”

The trails can be a wonderful form of exercise in the outdoors, but always remember your trail etiquette.

Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org