The Christmas season is here and you know what that means. It means happiness, joy and spending time with your family right? Wrong. It means it’s time for parents to go crazy trying to get the hot new toy for their kid.

This year the hot new toy on a lot of kids’ wish list is the ‘Hatchimal’. A Hatchimal is a toy robot really similar to a Furby. Unlike the Furby though, this toy adds a new feature, it steals parents’ money (and it hatches from an egg).

Honestly, I don’t get these toy crazes. A Furby which is pretty similar to the Hatchimal will cost around forty dollars at Walmart, where a Hatchimal will cost around sixty dollars. Sure that’s not bad, but finding a Hatchimal in stores is nearly impossible. If you want one of these for your kid, you will most likely have to pay over two hundred dollars online. You would think that’s a crazy price and people won’t buy it and the price will go down, but nope! In fact, the price just keeps getting higher and higher to buy these little devil robots. Why? Why pay over two hundred dollars for a tiny robot that comes from an egg?

These toy crazes happen a lot and always have parents rushing to get this hot new toy. However, even if you get this toy for your kid, how long will it keep him/her happy? When I was a kid the new popular toy didn’t last long and I don’t see this case being any different. If you play with a toy long enough you get bored of it. Next year nobody will care about it and there will be a brand new toy you will ‘have’ to buy.

Toy crazes like the Cabbage Patch dolls (1983) and Tickle Me Elmo (1996) had parents rioting, literally trampling people over to get this toy for their kid. I would think that not trampling over anybody would be common sense, but apparently not.

Whatever happened to peace on earth and joy to the world? Toys and crazy parents is your answer.

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