All the mods on this top ten are talking about their 1.12.2 versions, so that version of Minecraft is required to use them.  

Has a more modern look to the world of Minecraft always interest you? Or you just want more stuff to decorate more in general with Minecraft? Well Decocraft is a mod that can give such a look, with over 3000 decorations at the player’s disposal, they can get things like chairs, table, even a fridge!  

It requires a mod called PTRLib to work. 

If storage space is ever an issue in Minecraft, a mod like Useful Backpacks could come in handy!

This mod has three different sizes of backpacks with varying sizes of inventory, a small will hold up to 15 slots, a medium will hold up to 54 slots, and a large will hold up to 117 slots. A bag can be crafted with four pieces of wood in the corners, four pieces of leather on the remaining wall and string in the middle. 

To make a bigger backpack, follow the same crafting pattern, but put the smaller sized backpack in the middle in place of the string. You can also dye the backpacks different colours. Currently there are 16 different colours you can use. 

This backpack requires another mod called U Team Core to work, it’s a library mod that’s used by other mods by u team, also known as the user HyCraftHD on curse forge. 

More player models is a mod on Minecraft that lets you change the model of the player’s in game skin. 

The player can morph into any mob in the game or even make more detailed skins, which are also known as HD skin. The mod automatically makes it so that the item in the first slot of their bar will show up on the back of their character’s skin. Another bonus this mod gives you is more character animations for you to use, such as waving, dancing, crawling, and even sitting. 


Ever find that there’s a place in in game you wanted to go back to but can never seem to find it? Xaero’s minimap can help with that! 

Not only does it let the player have a minimap in the upper left corner of their screen that rotates with their character, it also lets the player create waypoints that allow them to teleport back to an area, or let them see in what direction the location of the waypoint was left. An automatic waypoint is always created in the location the player dies in game, so if desired, the player can teleport back and get their dropped items back if desired.

On the minimap it also has other entities shown on the map as little dots, white ones for players, red ones for items, and yellow ones for mobs, the colouring can be changed though if one wishes to differentiate between hostile and friendly mobs; all of these are customizable. Other entities like arrows would be shown as purple dots on the map. 

This mod is also compatible with Xaero’s World map, which is self-writing world map. The minimap us loaded chunks from the world map in place of its own, which makes the mods more smooth. 

Building a regular house in plain sight is just no good anymore; it’d be cooler to build a secret base of operations that can’t be seen with the naked eye. 

The SecretRoomsMod let’s the player do a lot of sneaky building to hide things they don’t want other players to see. 

The mods let the player place a variety of blocks, such as hidden doors, levers, trap doors and more! There’s even a type of block called the ghost block; the player is able to see it as a normal block but will walk right through as if there’s nothing there.  

Is there ever a time where you see something in the distance of the blocky world that is just too far away to tell what is? Well get your trusty pair of Binoculars, because now it’s possible to tell if it’s some sort of weirdly shaped tree. 

The player uses other items while using the binoculars, so swinging that sword while you zoom in on what’s in front of you is definitely something you can do. 

Another setting is the “long-jump,” which is a function that lets the player teleport to the point being viewed by the binoculars. 

If the world of Minecraft is too dull for you, these Fairy Lights are the perfect thing to lighten up the world! 

This mod has many different types of lanterns, from paper lanterns to a jack o’lantern and a meteor light. The lanterns can also be dyed 16 different colours, so you can have red lights, blue light, and purple lights as well! 

To place the lanterns, the player has to place one side like they would any other block and place the other end somewhere else the same way to finish putting them up, with the longest they can go is 32 blocks. It can also be used as a funny bungee jump in a pinch, as long as the player places it over 32 blocks above the ground. 

Do you want to build another copy of that exact structure that you found or built yourself in another location? Is it too big to build again block by block? Have no fear, Effortless Building is here! 

The player can mirror blocks in real time as they place them, have repeated sections build by array, which is useful with building walls quickly, and have a certain type of block replaced with another quickly. 

For those who would like to use this mod but want to have their survival play through to still have some sort of challenge, this mod is survival friendly. The player will require to have all the blocks to build anything in the first place, some blocks need specific tools to break all at once, and such will cause damage to the tool as calculated and such. 

Need some kind of bridge in pinch, or you just want some kind of bridge in general, then the Rope Bridge mod is the one for you!

This mod gives the player a bridge building gun and a ladder building gun, which build the respective object in their name. The bridge gun requires wood slabs and string and will build a bridge across some giant hole all the way to the other side as long as it isn’t too steep, and nothing is blocking the way. The ladder gun will build a ladder up any tall wall. Ithe player can see where they are building, they should be able to use it fine. 

If running up to walls and jumping off them sounds like fun, Wall-Jump is the mod for you! 

The player will be able to jump up to a wall, cling to it or jump off immediately, and they can do this as much as they want. 

There’s also a feature that allows the player to have the ability to double jump, which is off by default, but is very entertaining to use. 

If any of the mods on the top ten interest you, be sure to try them out for yourself!