Music provokes different emotions in everyone. Whether it’s the meaningful lyrics or the catchy tune, there are songs for everybody and for every type of mood. Music can be the white noise to drown out outside sounds when trying to concentrate or it can be the noise to drown out inner thoughts. Music has no limit as to what defines it.

Feeling a little angst-y, maybe a tad rebellious? However, maybe you never liked punk music because the artists sing in the same tone and keep the same pitch throughout the entire song. Pop punk, on the other hand has a more upbeat feeling with the same emotions, but with the same essence that punk provides.

Although folk rock might seem as if it would be an obscure type of country music, it has more of an Indie rock style. There are popular songs that have been on the radio such as “Hey Soul Sister,” by Train and “I’m Yours,” by Jason Mraz are classified as Folk Rock. From that, it’s worth it to give these songs a try when it’s time to wind down, maybe take a walk wearing a fuzzy scarf and drinking a hot mug of tea.

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Why Music is Beneficial in Education