Students across the globe participate in acts of stealing and vandalism in a recent growing trend on Tik-Tok. 

A new Tik-Tok trend has recently surfaced on the internet, and it is encouraging students to steal school property for “clout” or internet fame. The trend is called “Devious Licks,” and it is leaving schools, in some cases, thousands of dollars in damage.  

What started off with soap dispensers quickly escalated to whole toilets, sinks, and pipes being ripped out of walls. It is being considered as a way for users to get a “quick 15 minutes of fame,” said Ms. McKay, the Vice Principal at Riverside Secondary.  

Ms. McKay and many other school workers are informed by the district of these trends and express that it is unfortunate that this kind of behavior is receiving the attention that it is.  

Some schools are taking matters into their own hands. The family of the individual or individuals involved would have to pay the school back whatever damage was caused.  

The damage is causing schools to completely shut down washrooms and changing rooms, which leaves students frustrated and without a place to go. Talks about cameras in the washrooms have been talked about among some school and district staff. 

The trend got so out of hand that it spread into other buildings and establishments. This created even more havoc as it gave some thieves the confidence to start robbing car parts, stores, and even live marine animals from stores. 

Videos were posted to the song ski ski basegod by lil b, a song that gives off an energized electronic beat. 

TikTok has swiftly disabled any new posts that associate with this trend by changing their community guidelines. Searching the term “devious licks,” on the app will result in a screen showing nothing.