This Thanksgiving, can be meat free Monday!


Thanksgiving is coming and the picture everyone has in their heads is a big, fat, juicy turkey with grandma’s homemade stuffing. On the side, a massive mountain of mashed potatoes with gravy, sprinkled with fine herbs and a sweet companion of cranberry sauce. The smell of sweet pumpkin pie wafts from the oven, lingering throughout the house, making your stomach growl.
But what if you’re a vegetarian? Why not follow the meatless Monday tradition into the holidays? Make your thanksgiving dinner a vegetarian one; meat free meals are very easy to prepare. Instead of having a turkey bought from the shop, why not cook a wholesome and filling gratin? gratinGratin is normally cooked in the oven inside a casserole dish. It is a layered mix of vegetables and potato slices topped with breadcrumbs and sprinkled cheese. A warm, filling alternative! Food blogger, Merrill Stubbs at Food52 has a delicious recipe. Autumn Root Vegetable Gratin with Herbs and Cheese. It is a simple recipe, with short preparation; you’ll save time and a turkey! Of course the rest of Thanksgiving sides are no problem for the vegetarian. There are many choices; such as a creamy mashed potato, infused with coconut topped with sliced chives, yum! Sam’s itdoesnttastelikechicken blog, has vegan alternatives for almost every traditional meat dinner. This includes her vegan garlic mashed potato and her classic cranberry sauce. Both take about 20 minutes to prepare. It accompanies the gratin so well with the salty vegetable potato and the creamy mash topped with sweet sauce. Delicious!
Something we can’t seem to get enough of, is pumpkin. We have pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin cookies, cakes, brownies; we even have candles that smell like pumpkin! Here, I present you with Lindsay’s blog obtainable Pumpkin Pie. It has a thin crust and soft spongy tender middle topped with fluffy whipped cream or with whatever your heart desires!
I hope that this complete vegetarian thanksgiving dinner, from a main meal to a warm dessert, satisfies your question of, “What’s Thanksgiving without a turkey?” This thanksgiving conveniently falls on a Monday, what other sign do you need to make it a meatless Monday?