The Australian wildfires inspired me to write this poem, because of its catastrophic impact on the environment. I was devastated to learn that millions of species, including koalas and kangaroos, fell victim to these fires as well as many people and their homes. I could only imagine the feeling of helplessness and sorrow that the people are feeling. For these reasons, I wanted to do everything in my power to share this environmental disaster and encourage others to take climate action, hoping that this event will serve as a lesson for the future. 

Losing Australia

by Ella Gaspar

as a lone koala limps astray  
the inferno rages in its wake
devouring homeschasing loved ones
from its catastrophic fate 

for the trees who sing of pain 
and the helpless kangaroos
lying in the heart of devastation 

blazing orange flames paint the sky
as smoke lays heavy on the horizon
evacuees hold on and witness
their country burning before their eyes.  

like a piece of Australia has been taken away
leaving the country scarred and scared
by the earth’s fear, the fire’s rage, the world’s indifference.  

for salvation 
an opportunity to rebuild and grow. 
for the world to learn,
to recognize dire consequences
of climate negligence.  

 Link to the articles that inspired the poem