Wacky and absurd; these are the top four ridiculous fashion trends of the year.

  1. Detachable and Lace-up Denim

By revealing a bit of skin, detachable denim is known as the most controversial pair of jeans of 2017. Resembling shorts attached with long leg warmers, customers were shocked to find these jeans as one of the latest denim trends. Fashion icon Gigi Hadid, also stunned fans when sporting detachable jeans in white, on November 11.

Picture source: https://www.bing.com

Lace-up denim, another crazed fashion trend of 2017, can be bought at stores, such as Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. A most popular lace-up denim trend, has lace-up along the sides and a lace-up waist. By looking chic on celebrities, fans were encouraged to try the trend, but shortly realized their mistake. Some fashion choices are just meant for celebrities.

  1. 2. Crocs

By bringing back the trends of the early 2000’s, Crocs have become the most extensive shoes of 2017. With celebrities, such as Drew Barrymore and John Cena sporting these shoes all over social media, fans were encouraged to bring back the wacky trend. Fashion industries began creating many different assortments of these footwear, such as platform and patterned crocs. By becoming the most ridiculous shoe trend of 2017, Crocs have made an unforeseen come back in the fashion industry.

  1. Fishnet Tights

 Fishnet tights, one of the most exposing style of tights, has become a very inexplicable fashion piece to wear for women. By wearing them under “mom jeans” and oversized shirts, fishnet tights have become the most stable piece every teenage girl has to have. Celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, have also sported these tights with regular jeans and casual dresses. By bringing back styles from the 1920’s, fishnet tights are still very popular today.

 4.  Bucket Hats

 80’s fashions are back and bucket hats have become the most ridiculous hats of 2017. With their childlike form, it’s easy to say that they will become every teenagers fashion regret in 2018.  By coming in various styles, bucket hats have been worn in different colours and patterns by many celebrities, such as Rihanna and Justin Bieber.