World War I, II, along with the many conflicts Canada participated in, are important parts of history. The loss of life, love, and personal liberty are sacrifices that should never be forgotten. Students in Mr. Rob Mackenzie’s Social Studies 10 class had the chance to experience a glimpse of life in the trenches during a trip to the Port Moody Station Museum.

The Port Moody Station Museum has a long and antiquated history. Housed in what used to be the 1908 CPR station, the displays and architecture are a reminder of the historical building. At the moment, the museum is owned by the Port Moody Heritage Society, a group dedicated to preserving historical effects.

“As we walked through the trenches, I realized how hard life was. Reading from the textbook is a different experience,” said Daphne Van Der Wetering, grade 10 student. Textbooks and literary sources do a good job of depicting the daily routines of soldiers, though the personal, human aspect of it is missing. The mental anguish, internal battles, and conflicting emotions are not often covered.

“Seeing what they went through was a harsh truth for me,” said Gavin Hoverman, grade 10 student. Witnessing what former soldiers went through is an eye-opening experience, not matter who you are.

Over time, people forget about the importance of reflecting on the past. Come Remembrance day, these students will have a better understanding of the never-ending bravery it took to serve abroad. Lest we forget those who fought for our freedom today.