The Leadership class at Riverside Secondary has been taught by Ms. Adrienne Chapell since she first started teaching at the school in 2017. She previously taught Leadership at Pitt River Middle School and then came to Riverside to continue making a positive impact on the community. 

Riverside’s Leadership class brings many opportunities to the students at the school. It allows youth to form meaningful connections with their peers, encourages them to refine their communication skills and develop to social responsibility awareness. “The class shows me just how much this school means to the student body and how much effort they put in to getting involved,” said Chapell. She also said that she is inspired by the amount of change that the students have accomplished, such as raising thousands of dollars for the Terry Fox foundation annually.  

When asked about her passion for the Leadership class, Chapell shared that she enjoys mentoring her students and helping them succeed in making a difference around the school. “The class definitely helps me with my organization skills, and it encourages me to interact with students and staff at Riverside, said Chapell. She also said that she is looking forward to a great 2019-2020 school year with the Leadership class! 

Students will continue to visit Hawthorne Senior Centre, Central Elementary School, and Pitt River School, leading activities and lessons with these groups. The field trips allow students to have a diverse experience and learn the importance of helping others in the community. 

Chapell and her students have many plans for the upcoming school year. “Currently, we are working on the Halloween costume contest, and soon, we will be planning the Winter Assembly,” said Chapell.  

The Leadership class is also organizing a free hot chocolate give-away in the foyer and planning the annual teacher vs student volleyball games happening at lunch during the winter season.