If the world came together, maybe the Earth would be a place worth living.

Our world is full of hate, crime, and division. Our world, as we know it, is going to burn into flames, floods, and fights at the rate humanity is going. Our lives are surrounded with people who would rather divide than conquer. They would rather debate and argue about how wrong it is that girls kiss girls and boys kiss boys than talking about global issues such as climate change, the thing that is going to kill us all if we don’t change soon. If we, as nations come together and stop arguing and start listening, maybe earth would be a place worth living.

So, why are we caught up on foolish politics anyways? Who cares about the colour of skin or people being gay? Aren’t we all the same anyway? Constant reminders of who to vote for are always at people’s doors. COVID-19 was an opportunity for the world to come together, but we didn’t. Instead, we argued over whether the government is trying to control us and if vaccines are fake. Is it beyond belief that scientists know what they are doing? One would think that COVID-19 was a warning saying, “You better start getting along, or there is no saving you.” Rather than being rational and critical thinkers, the people who we are supposed to look up to, the leaders of our world argue with each other. It was hilarious when they thought that civilians were supposed to act civil when they themselves couldn’t even complete the task. Isn’t the quote “Lead by example”? Of course, it was during a time of crisis that our corporate and elected leaders decided to reveal their true characters.

The question “What if?” is a question most people are familiar with. In fact, it’s frequently asked question amongst society. So, what if the world came together? What if we put our guns down and put our hands out? What if instead of saying “you’re wrong”, we said “I respect your opinion.” It’s these little moments in our lives that we are so negative towards each other, but maybe we could just be respectful. What if we lived in a world where instead of fear and anger, there was kindness and respect? A world where we could respect each other’s differences. It’s not that we must have the same opinion as each other, but we could respect one another. What if we stop forcing our beliefs onto others, expecting them to change and just allow others the grace to be themselves. That’s not an insane request.

Kindness and empathy toward the planet and all its people begin with how you treat the next person you see. So, when you’re walking down the street or the hall of the school, smile in place of giving someone a dirty look. It’s not that you must like others around you, but at the minimum show some respect. Allow others to do as they will without judgement or criticism. What’s the point in judging someone anyways? It is not okay to force your pain on to someone else who hasn’t done anything to hurt you. If we simply start listening to others and hearing what they have to say, it can open our eyes to possibilities we have never even imagined.

So, let’s close the doors to hatred and distain and open the doors to respect and grace. It costs nothing to be respectful, so why not give it a try? What’s the worst that going to happen? The world comes together, and we can combat global issues as one? That sounds like a promising idea.