No matter the season, people from all over visit this shop; it’s PoCo’s best-kept secret. Although gelato isn’t the only food provided, people can also try his freshly made coffee, Paninis, soup, and much more.

“Back in the 1970’s, when I was a kid, I used to travel in a carnival with my parents across Western Canada,” said Matteo.

Matteo’s Gelato shop

“Over the years I got to know everyone in the industry and at that point went into selling the equipment, to make gelato.” Matteo first opened his shop 12 years ago in 2005 and went into the business of sharing his gelato with the public. “When I came across this place, it was at the time a little coffee shop,” he said. “Over time, I changed it from a bakery-deli to what it’s now known as Matteo’s.

Gelato is commonly thought to be ice-cream, but there are several differences between the two. The Italian word for gelato translates to “ice-milk”, which uses a lower butterfat, making it

The owner, Matteo

a healthy, non-stabilized (all natural) treat. “All the flavours you see here are made by me,” said Matteo. “I wouldn’t necessarily call making gelato a dream of mine, but I like it, I enjoy it and all the people that come in – it’s a great business to be a part of!”
His business has been a success for over a decade, considering Matteo has worked the shop every day since it opened. “I’m a sociable person, I get to meet all kinds of people,” he said. “And as I said before, I enjoy it.”

“Matteo is a really nice guy,” said grade 10 Riverside student, Raiyah Tyers. “The environment is very welcoming, friendly and I would go there again any day.”

More reviews are available at DineHere and contact information can be found on the Matteo’s Gelato website.

Photo courtesy of Matteo’s Gelato.

Location: 2615 Mary Hill Road, Port Coquitlam