The Grinch has stolen hearts since the story was written in 1957. A cartoon TV special was made in 1966, then a live action movie in 2000. 18 years later in November of 2018, a new 3D animated version was released for younger generations to enjoy.

This voice of The Grinch is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. This voice is recognizable from Smaug in The Hobbit, and he has been in many movies, such as Doctor Strange in Avengers Infinity War. Benedict’s much younger counterpart, Cameron Seely, will be voicing Cindy Lou. She is an eleven-year-old American Actress who had her up and coming role in the Greatest Showman.

The differences between the original movie and the new animated movie out this year are undeniable. The first movie in 1966 was a 2D animated cartoon special that ran for only 26 minutes. In 2018, the animation game has changed with the movie using 3D animation and is more than just a cartoon special, but a full movie being played on the big screens for an hour and 45 minutes running time. This means the new movie is only five minutes shorter than the live action one in 2000 with Jim Carrey as the Grinch.

The movie has twists with updated cultural references. The soundtrack features current popular singers like Brockhampton, Tyler the Creator. The movie is narrated by Pharrell Williams. The Grinches storyline has changed as well. In the first cartoon special there was no mention of his past, then in the live action he fell from the sky and was raised in Whoville by two women. In the most recent movie, the past of the Grinch has changed once again with him growing up alone in an orphanage with no presents or family, and he was never adopted. He spent all his years in the orphanage watching the people of Whoville celebrate Christmas without him.

Though the movie has changed incredibly through the years some things still remain the same. The Grinch still has his prominent green color and his long pointed green fingers. His dog counterpart, Max, still features in the movie, but his reindeer duties are taken away as the Grinch found himself a real reindeer who he named Fred. Cindy Lou still plays a main role in the movie. After writing a letter to Santa about her mother needing help, she decides to trap Santa when he doesn’t answer her letter. She ends up trapping the Grinch as he poses as Santa Claus.

The recent version of the Grinch opened on November 9, 2018, and has been successful so far with $66 million at the box office on the opening weekend. Critics of the movie have given it a 6/10  on rotten tomatoes. The marketing campaign was in full gear with posters in malls and Skytrain stations all over British Columbia. With 10 million Amazon boxes going out with his face on them you could say the campaign was huge. The boxes are green with a classic Grinch-like quote on it.  This Grinch will not replace the original that most grew up with, but it will capture the younger generation of kids seeing the movie for the first time.