Everywhere I look online there seems to be advertising for some sort of cleanse or magical diet. They usually involve drastic changes or eating very little, so of course the results seem “magical” but they can also be extremely harmful. So many diets found online are limiting calories including the good stuff that our bodies need to work properly.

For those who are still interested in trying something new, there are options such as the Green Smoothie 30 Day Challenge, which isn’t calorie-restrictive and can be made to fit any diet or budget. The program revolves around drinking one or more green vegetable filled smoothie daily, along with whatever else you choose to eat. That’s it, no strict rules or specific ingredients to buy. It’s completely customizable and easy to partake in.

Green vegetables are a major source of iron and calcium, and smoothies are a great way to incorporate them into one’s daily diet. Adding fruit for taste and seeds for protein can make a smoothie delicious and nutritious!

Even without following a “challenge” or specific regimen, adding in green smoothies a couple times a week is a good idea. It’s such a simple way to get vegetables without cooking or even tasting the vegetables.

My favourite recipe uses half a banana, almond milk, a handful of kale, and some frozen berries for added sweetness. Use whatever is on hand and blend until it taste good!