Not much is known about how the tournament is formatted this year; however, what is known for certain is that the tournament to get on the competitive Smash Bros. Ultimate team will be different from every other year.

When asked about the format of this year’s tournament, Brendan Pellant, gamer’s club member since 2019 and admin of the gamer’s club Discord server, mentioned that the format of the tournament this year will be different as in there will be team fights instead of individual fights.

Since not much is known about this year’s tournament one could use what is known about last year’s tournaments to guess the format of this year’s. The format of last year was as follows: people in the club sign up on an online form in order to participate in the fight they; would not just show up and start fighting in the tournament, the number of rounds depends on the number of contestants, each round is three stocks (lives) and seven minutes, and the top people from the qualification tournament make it onto the competitive team.

Everything would most likely stay the same except for the rules of each round, due to the new tournament having something to do with teams. The rules of each round would most likely change to have more stocks and/or time; due to there being more people in each round, meaning there would be more people to eliminate, which would take more time.

This entire article is based off of information from previous tournaments from the past year(s), so nothing is set in stone, and everything is subject to change so please take it with a grain of salt. “I am not the person that organized the tournament, so nothing is 100% for certain,” said Mr. Pellant soon after the interview.