Have you wished it was possible to be a completely different person? To fight goblins and go on a story rich adventure? Well, there’s a game that lets you do that, where almost anything can happen, where it’s possible to do almost anything that is desired, as long as the roll of the dice is high enough. 

The Dungeons and Dragons club is a club at Riverside school that lets people play D&D at the school; beginners and experts can all play as the club and the game is very easy to get into, just show up! 

Mr. Cary Brett started the D&D club at Riverside in 2016; he said he started the Dungeons and Dragons club because he enjoyed playing D&D, and he thought that there would be others at the school who were also interested in playing it. 

“I just wanted to give some students the opportunity to play something that I really liked,” said Mr. Brett. “And if I can help facilitate or help other people experience what I think can be really positive, a really fun game, that’s a pretty easy no-brainer for me to make a club for it.” 

In the club, there is a leveling system; Brett is still adding bits and pieces to it, but right now every time you come to play at the club, you gain experience points, which is a unit in RPG’s that measures the progress of the player throughout the game, and when someone reaches a certain amount of EXP, they level up and get a dice; as long, as they paid the club fee of $5. The fee is not obligatory, people can still play if they don’t pay, they just won’t get a dice when they level up. 

Brett came up with this leveling system when there was an issue of people not being consistent with coming to the club, which could make some sessions unplayable when half the players of the session aren’t there. 

table top RPG is a type of role playing game where the players verbally describe the actions their character takes. Players determining their character’s actions is based on the settings and attributes they have on their character; the actions will succeed or fail based on a set rules and guidelines of the game. 

Dungeons and Dragons at its core can be explained as a table top RPG, but that’s not all there is. “It’s a game where you can kind of hang out and interact with other people, but in a very unique and creative way, where you can step into the shoes of someone else for a little bit of time to try to see the world a little bit differently,” said Brett. 

D&D is such unique game, that describing it as a table top RPG to a person who knows games may get it, but to someone who hasn’t heard of D&D before, it’s difficult to explain. 

“D&D is a very fun game to play with friends. It’s creative, silly at times and a good way to spend time,” said grade 11, Liam Byrne. 

The Dungeons and Dragons club is located in room 126, the Foods Room. Come by and try playing if you are interested!