Your stomach is growling, and you have never been so excited to eat a delicious plate of poutine. But someone three feet taller than you, with their gigantic backpack turns around and ruins your dreams of eating those melted curds, the crispy fries, the hot gravy. I saw it coming before it even hit me… the backpack; I even saw it in slow motion, which is worse. There it is, on the ground, the cheese curds, the fries and the gravy, all on the floor. At that moment, I know I have a hatred for backpacks. 

Why don’t people use lockers? Instead of knocking people’s food on the ground or ruining your projects, or even ruining your back. I don’t think it’s worth being crippled in a couple of years because of an oversized backpack that weighs the same as a small child. Lockers are free! Use them! 

But anyway, let’s not forget about my poutine. There goes my poutine slowly falling and boom it hits the ground and makes a big splash. The gravy even got on my WHITE shoes, which is just amazing to top it off. But did I get an apology? No! No sorry, no nothing. The disrespect! The person just walked right ahead because most people are unaware of their dimensions with their over-stuffed bag which looks like they packed everything for an evacuation. 

Who uses lockers anyway? Maybe the grade nine’s and some grade ten’s. BUT the majority really don’t use them. Might as well take them all down and make the hallways a bowling alley or a big game of chess. There will never be a time in the halls where someone won’t get bumped or shoved by a mammoth backpack. Right when the bell rings, all you see are these kids running to get where they are going as if there off to war with their Blackhawk assault pack on their backs. 

Hopefully one day people will LEARN how to pay attention to what’s around them and not spill any of their food too!