Many Afghan immigrant and refugees have lived in a different country for many years before to coming at to Canada, such as India, Iran, Turkey, Russia etc. Afghanistan is place that many years have been war. So, Afghan people leave their country to go somewhere that to have better education and quality of life for their children, such as Canada. Many people miss their culture, such as food, dance, dress, art, architecture and many other.

The Afghan Cultural Association (ACA) in Burnaby is a non-profit group of Afghan professional’s community. It is a place to connect with other Afghans people to living in British Columbia and helps build relationships and connect with other Afghans people to build a strong community. This is the way to get together and make new friends, get help from each other, and more.

Afghan Community (ACA) in Burnaby British Columbia organizes multi-cultural activities and events throughout the year. The Afghan community promotes Afghan culture in the Lower Mainland. “The vision of our cultural association is to promote harmony and mutual respect among residents of British Columbia and in this process establish a bridge with the larger Canadian society. “We do this through the medium of arts and culture,” Said Wadood dilsoz. Wadood is one of the employees of Afghan Community (ACA) in Burnaby. They organize events to celebrate various Afghan festivals. Such as Nawroz. They provide a platform for people with Afghan background to connect with each other and help newcomers to Canada to settle and learn Canadian values.

The Afghan community ACA in Burnaby supports and assists all Afghan immigrant and refugees to come across and celebrates all Afghani and Canadian festivals every year such as (Eid ul fitr, Nowruz, Ramadan, Eid e Qurban, Canada Day, Christmas, Halloween and Etc.). Afghan community (ACA) hosts parties in all those festival and cooks Afghani traditional food for everyone. All Afghan people and celebrities are coming together to enjoy and perform or singing there, Such as Mozhda Jamalzada, Fardin Faryad, and Fayaz hamid.

Afghan newcomers to Canada can find all Afghani foods in grocery stores, Restaurant and many others. Such as Mustafa supermarket and Aria Kabab House & Grill Restaurant.