When teens come to high school, they meet other students, mature, and develop romantic relationships along the way. Despite one’s preference, most students will commit to a relationship throughout their high school years, teaching them the pros and cons of dating in high school.

High school dating has several benefits, such as seeing each other every day and having classes together. Another plus to high school dating is that one can become more mature when it comes to dating in general and an individual can get a feel for what they like and do not like in a partner. If seeing each other outside of school becomes difficult, one can always count on seeing them in school.

However, there are also some problematic dynamics to having a serious relationship in High school, which is already difficult and stressful enough, so adding an extra priority can complicate matters further. The downsides to dating can include reckless behavior due to a lack of knowledge, which can result in both emotional and physical consequences.  Taking on the responsibility of emotional commitment to another person can result in some common downsides, such as dropping grades due to the lack of focus and prioritizing the relationship over their schooling. The stress of handling school and a relationship could look something like needing to study for a test but getting into an argument and forgetting to study, which can cause more arguments and increase stress. Other cons include neglecting friends in school as they spend all their time with their significant other.

High school breakups can be the worst for multiple reasons: seeing them in the halls, having the same classes, friends choosing sides, and one will for sure hear their name pop up in a conversation. Going through any kind of breakup is painful, but in high school, students are youthful, and the emotional drama is amplified, fragile emotions and uncontrolled hormonal changes contribute to the drama. Therefore, a breakup in high school may be more emotionally painful than one later in life.

Other realities of teen relationships include pregnancies and STDs. Although “teen pregnancies are at an all-time low,” according to cdc.gov, there is still a risk at stake. Although there are more cons than benefits to high school dating, it can be a great experience, especially if one might choose to focus on their studies. Whether one wants to commit to a relationship in high school or not, one should never feel pressured to do something they don’t want to.

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