This year, the Canadian University Event was hosted at Riverside for all grade 11 and 12 students interested in learning more about post-secondary opportunities. An estimated 50 universities participated in this event, providing lots of information and resources for the students to explore. Many students find this event is an invaluable resource to help their transition to post-secondary.

Riverside teacher, Ms. Adrienne Chapell, described the event as an important opportunity for students to find out more information about post-secondary options and learn more about the programs that they are interested in. “This event allows students to explore all the different universities that are available in the country and gives them a chance to browse their options,” said Chapell.

Riverside grade 12 student, Alex Redwood, explained that sometimes the transition to post-secondary can be overwhelming, but this event really helped him explore the different options that the university programs had to offer. “I think this event is really important, because it offers a variety of post-secondary options by having recruiters come to our school and giving us a taste of their programs,” said Redwood.

Another Riverside grade 12 student, Ryan Triggs, described the event as a great opportunity for students to meet representatives from different universities that can further explain their program and provide useful information for their future. “One part that I like about this event, is that there are many universities that aren’t local that come to our school so that we can explore different options that we might not have considered before,” said Triggs. He also explained that the event is great because it offers lots of information for students to seek out and learn more about possible post-secondary opportunities. 

In addition, a University of New Brunswick recruiter, Amy Wainright, expressed the event as an important opportunity to talk to students about universities across Canada. “It gives students a chance to meet all kinds of different university representatives that come from the east coast, west coast and the prairies,” said Wainright. She also explained that the event offers students an idea of university programs that come from all across the country.

Another Riverside grade 12 student, Lia Jin, described the event as a useful experience to meet other universities from outside BC and find out more information about their programs. “It’s a really eye-opening event where students can be more open-minded and curious about different programs and what they have to offer,” said Jin. She also said that it gives students a chance to ask questions and collect pamphlets from the universities that participated in this event.

There was also the BC Post-Secondary Institute event on Thursday, October 11 for all students interested in learning about post-secondary opportunities.