The BC Children’s Hospital club hosted the Wake-A-Thon again this year, raising money for sick children in hospitals.

The dance party that was held in Gym C

The Wake-A-Thon is an event that allows students who purchased tickets to spend the night in the school gym and cafeteria, attempting to stay awake from 7pm to 7am. Activities were prepared for the students, such as; dodgeball, basketball, soccer, a scavenger hunt, a dance party, a trivia contest, movies throughout the night, and more. Prizes were given out throughout the night, as well as snacks were sold to students. Tickets cost 17$, and all proceeds went towards BC Children’s Hospitals.

Ryann McCready is a grade 12 student that attended the event this year. “It was a good experience, and I had a lot of fun with my friends. We even brought a gingerbread house that we put together at 2am,” said McCready.

Evelina Borvanova is one of the leaders of the BCCH club and ran the Wake-A-Thon this year. “The event was a huge success. Considering it was the first one planned in three years—we had a lot of hurdles to overcome, but in the end it turned out to be a great event that the students enjoyed,” said Borvanova.

The club faced a lot of rejection when it came to looking for sponsors, but in the end, they got a few local sponsors, such as Me-n-Eds and Blend Bubble Tea. The club ended up raising 650$ for the BC Children’s Hospital, and hope to continue the event every two years.

The BC Children’s Hospital Club runs many events throughout the year to raise money for children in hospitals. Other than the Wake-A-Thon, the club plans to do a bubble tea sale, a Krispy Kreme sale, and an SPC card sale. Meetings are Mondays’ at lunch in Mrs. Kim’s room, and anyone who would like to join is welcome to!

The Wake-A-Thon was a huge success this year, being a fun activity for students to enjoy, while also raising money for those in need.