Canada’s National hero, Terry Fox has raised millions for cancer research by running the Marathon of Hope across Canada. Although he only reached Thunder Bay, Ontario, his legacy lives on in the Terry Fox run which takes place all over the world. In honor of that legacy, an exhibit was created to highlight his early life and the run itself.

Terry Fox’s basketball team.

The Canadian Museum of History has partnered up with Terry Fox Center to showcase his life and achievements. The exhibit was displayed at the Heritage Museum and Archives in Port Coquitlam, Terry Fox’s home town.
The museum displays panels that highlight his journey, medals he had won, books written in his honor and yearbooks which were marked to the sports he participated in high school, such as basketball, soccer and track and field.

The replica of Terry Fox’s prosthetic leg.

The museum also featured a replica of his prosthetic leg and a picture of his shorts he wore during the Marathon of Hope. There is also a video documentary about his life. The exhibit also displayed some of the many shirts that have been made for each run over the years, in total 29 shirts. (1988-2016)

Visitors were able to read some of the inspirational quotes of what Terry Fox said throughout his journey. “It took cancer to realize that being self-centered is not the way to live, the answer is to try and help others.” The Port Coquitlam Heritage has made a wall for kids and adults to share their story about how Terry Fox has inspired them. There was a red box where personal notes could be left, which the staff went through later to put on the wall.

A very similar exhibit was at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, BC from April 12 – October 1 2017, and equally inspired thousands of people.