Today’s stress and responsibilities for high school students can seem overwhelming and too much for one teenager to handle, but in the long run, all of these tasks eventually become beneficial for young adults. As a teen, most students are pressured to always be maintaining good grades, stay fit by participating in sports, creating friend groups and having a job. During this period of their lives, they most likely will not appreciate all of the lessons they are learning by having to deal with stress and making mistakes while doing it.

Growing up and becoming resilient is something that we all have to face, and the reason we succeed is by learning from our mistakes and successes made in the past. If kids never face struggle and stress in their life, their journey throughout adulthood would be very difficult to handle. Stress and responsibilities are just something that everyone has to go through to succeed in life, and it’s better to grow up with it instead of not having any until you become an adult. It is proved that some college students reported higher levels of anxiety due to their parents who did everything for them in high school, and they found they were not emotionally prepared to be independent.

Throughout your whole life, challenges will be tossed at you to test your maturity and also to see how you react and deal with them. Having a lot of responsibilities as an adolescent will greatly help your skills with dealing with struggles later in life. For example, all the work and stress that comes with a busy high school experience will benefit your time management and work ethic. It also teaches you how to juggle and complete multiple tasks at once (having multiple classes with multiple assignments). Being in sports is also another element that is extremely beneficial. Some may say that competitive sports nowadays put too much pressure on athletes at such a young age and are also very time consuming, but in another perspective, being in competitive sports prepare and teach teens about life lessons such as teamwork and more importantly how to be completely committed to more than one thing at a time (school, sports, job).

These responsibilities are also very similar to real life responsibilities, where you will have to deal with a job, a spouse, a family and a house. Some will say that you will have more responsibilities, which equals to more stress, in your teenage years than when you are an adult. This basically means that life as an adult will be way easier because you will be so used to a lot of stress, but there won’t be as much. Also, if your adulthood turns out to be more stressful and with more responsibility than when you were a young adult, you will be prepared.

People should appreciate all the benefits of the responsibilities handed to them during their life as a teenager. The lessons that you learn and the mistakes that you will make while dealing with the stress from them will make you grow up as a responsible, useful and fully prepared adult, ready for anything life throws at you.

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