Every year, the Riverside tech team looks for new ideas on how to make the school more innovative, and this year their new focus is to start streaming and broadcasting important events, such as assemblies, sports games and theatre performances that happen throughout the year. The main goal is to “gain followers who may not be able to make those events,” said Mr. Bryan Gee, the Riverside teacher who organizes the tech team. He continued to explain that this would be useful for archival purposes. “After students graduate, or if they want to watch events later on, they will have an opportunity to watch some of the activities and events that took place while they were at Riverside.”

The team is waiting for a video camera and other pieces of technology that is at a higher definition than the equipment they currently have. Last year, tech team members conducted trial runs for the Spoken Word Festival. They were a great success, with 30-40 viewers. If you are interested in watching these, you can check out the Riverside YouTube channel that is still being developed and built at RiversideRapidsTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/RiversideRapidsTube) on YouTube.

This year, the tech team will be streaming the Spoken Word Festival for everyone to watch. It will be taking place on November 30 and December 1. Make sure to check out Riverside’s slam poets work and support the tech team’s new and improved features.