During fall 2019, Riverside’s Tech Team has been learning about a digital tool called ‘Micro:bits’ that allows them to experiment with coding. Through testing the different tools and completing a series of tutorials, students have learned more about the possibilities that Micro:bits offers and the ways they can use them in a classroom setting.

Riverside teacher, Mr. Bryan Gee aimed for his students to experiment with this tool and learn more about its capacities. “The opportunities for students to explore and build things is endless. I felt that it would be a very powerful tool for students and staff in the future,” said Gee. He hopes that soon students in Tech Team will be able to teach the coding to others and support the Riverside community as they learn more about Micro:bits.

“Maker Monday” will begin starting November 18 and will be held every Monday until December 9. Staff will be encouraged to attend the sessions and learn how to code Micro:bits. Tech Team students will be available for teacher support.

Gee also hopes that this digital tool will encourage more staff and teachers to use the Makerspace and experiment with different technology that Riverside offers. “We also hope to encourage teachers to incorporate the tools in the Makerspace into their classes, such as the green screens or the 3D printers,” said Gee.

Teachers such as Ms. Melissa Jackson and Mr. Jeremy Brown have already incorporated the Makerspace into their Physics projects. Students had the opportunity to experiment with stop-motion in a project that demonstrated Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion. The purpose of this project was to educate them on safe driving practices and the laws of motion in a real-life setting. “I hope that students learned how to apply the lessons that we learned in the classroom to their everyday lives, such as driving,” said Jackson.

Students had the opportunity to use the green screen in the Makerspace and learn more about the different technology that Riverside offers. “I was able to be very creative and think limitlessly, because I had access to so many tools,” said Riverside grade 11 student, Kelsey Stewart.

Photo Credit : https://www.haikudeck.com/micro-bit-inspiration-presentation-6c87d40ffe