Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Science is saying that you should learn another language

According to studies done all over the world, bilingual people have more benefits than people who speak one language. Some of the benefits include,...

School stress combated with Mindfulness activities

Mindfulness Wednesdays is a project that Riverside Counselor Mr. Jamal Ahmelich and the rest of the counselling team have started to improve not only...

Teachers in disagreement over how to tackle cellphone use in class

From it’s mainstream introduction in the 1800’s, public education has slowly evolved. With each passing year, curriculums change, as do teaching styles. However, with...

Mrs. Della awarded grant from the Ninety-Nines for the Flying Club

Riverside Secondary teacher, Mrs. Teena Della, earned a $1700.00 grant from the Ninety-Nines women’s aviation Club. The grant will be used for the flying...

Mrs. Dellas star parties can give inspiration to students

On September 27, 2015, people all around the world were able to witness something that will not be seen again 2033. The Lunar Eclipse,...