Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Prejudice and stereotypes negatively affect teenagers’ mental health

She spends all her time in the library, so she must not have any friends. She acts weirdly, so she must have a personality...

Riverside peer tutors have a big impact on students

Many students at Riverside have had the privilege of being able to have a peer tutor in their classes, someone to be an extra...

Science is saying that you should learn another language

According to studies done all over the world, bilingual people have more benefits than people who speak one language. Some of the benefits include,...

Student stress and responsibilities do more harm than good

In this day and time, most high school students are always doing something. Most teenage students have to juggle sports, school, a social life,...

School stress combated with Mindfulness activities

Mindfulness Wednesdays is a project that Riverside Counselor Mr. Jamal Ahmelich and the rest of the counselling team have started to improve not only...

Students at UBC launch consent campaign

Yes means yes and no means no, seems like an easy concept, but apparently not. Students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have decided...

Riverside welcomed Austrian students

A group of twenty Austrian students came to Riverside for the student exchange program in beginning of September. The students got to learn more...

Lack of sleep in teenagers increasingly problematic

Sleep is something everyone needs to survive; something that makes humans function. Teenagers have to deal with stress from school assignments along with the...