Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Sports is more than just competition

Walking home from school on a dark rainy day. Students wondering how they will complete the massive workload being thrown onto them. As each...

Teenagers are stressed – who would have thought?

Saying that teens today are stressed is like saying NASA put man on the moon: heavily disputed despite the innumerable evidence to prove it....

They shoot, they score, they’re stressed

Playing sports is considered a requirement when growing up in our society. It is one of the key ingredients in order to be a...

Student stress and responsibilities do more harm than good

In this day and time, most high school students are always doing something. Most teenage students have to juggle sports, school, a social life,...

Teenage stress and responsibilities prepare you for life

Today’s stress and responsibilities for high school students can seem overwhelming and too much for one teenager to handle, but in the long run,...