Saturday, December 9, 2023
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French immersion program offers students the opportunity to experience Francophone plays

Riverside’s French teachers are always looking for new ways to immerse students in the French culture, such as going on an annual trip to...

Science 10 Honours students explore SFU

On November 20, Mrs. Bree Mireau's Science 10 Honours class went on a field trip to SFU to observe biology in action. They toured the...

Science 10 honours students visit chemistry lab at SFU

On October 14, Ms. Bree Mireau's Science Honours 10 students took a field trip to the SFU campus to observe experiments performed by chemistry...

Riverside gets new student teachers from SFU and UBC

Riverside has recently welcomed many student teachers from UBC and SFU. The Eddy sat down with some student teachers, both those serving their short...