Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Vaping and the health risks with young teenagers

Alexis Forson assisted in the writing of this story. The number of young teenagers vaping has risen an extreme amount. Vaping has taken over their health,...

Join the Outdoor Club for a wild experience

As the outdoor club finished its first major trip to Seymour this past Thursday, January 18,  the club is looking forward to the new...

ICBC teaches students at Riverside some valuable lessons

As students come back to school, grade 10’s and 11’s take on new responsibilities. As they get older they want to get jobs and...

How to have a healthy, balanced diet

Protein shakes, “power” bars, and juice cleanses are all things that leave you with a weeks’ worth of vitamins in one bite, and without...

Teens and mental health issues still continue, despite increased awareness

It is no secret that we now live in a world that is fully aware of mental health issues. Over the last few years,...

School stress combated with Mindfulness activities

Mindfulness Wednesdays is a project that Riverside Counselor Mr. Jamal Ahmelich and the rest of the counselling team have started to improve not only...

Convenience is making us lazy

Most Canadians aren’t getting enough exercise, and technology such as online shopping and delivery services are only making us lazier. Many don’t give a...

Bacon lovers beware! Processed meat has been linked to cancer

We all love meat or ham in our sandwiches, a delicious side of bacon, or burgers after a big game. We consume a large...

Healthy on Halloween?!!! Vegan and yummy is not a paradox!

It’s the spookiest time of the year again, and also the most sugary. Unfortunately, most candies and sweets are made with dairy products or...