Countries all around the world have been taking in Syrian refugees. Many Syrians have been displaced all around the world, yet thousands are still suffering. As things get worse in Syria with more countries involving themselves in the war, what should be the next step?

Although places such as America, Turkey, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, North Africa, The Middle East and Europe have accepted thousands of refugees, the crisis still isn’t settled and there are thousands more Syrians still seeking refuge. How long will these people keep suffering. The civil war is just getting worse, now that Russia is actively involved and with the chaos Isis is causing, an international solution is needed.

The UN sent a letter to the President of the Security Council stating that, “the Council’s strong demands continue to go unheeded. By any measure, human suffering in Syria has worsened, not diminished.” As reported by the UN.

Many Syrians have lost their lives in their efforts to leave their war torn country to go to Europe. Many European countries only accept a small number of refugees; some say it’s because they are discriminating towards Muslims, but most just can’t economically or socially integrate that many people. “Refugees are the responsibility of the world… proximity doesn’t define responsibility,” said Peter Sutherland, a United Nations representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration during a press conference at the UN. In other words we shouldn’t burden one country; Canada, The United States and wealthy Arabian states all have to do more.

Another issue is that when Syrians are accepted they are left on their own without resources or services to help. Canada has taken in refugees but has not extended health benefits for them. (According to an article by CBC news). These people need guidance. They are walking into a whole new country seeking acceptance and we are just neglecting their needs . Countries are claiming that they have taken in refugees, but are they actually helping the Syrians or are they just taking them in and leaving them? The Syrians have already come from a massive battle field, barely surviving. They deserve to be given a chance.

The world needs a permanent solution for the Syrians. They need to be welcomed into a country, not feeling like they owe something to the people. No matter where the Syrians are displaced, they are still suffering and struggling to make a living. Countries should give the Syrians a one year working visa where they have a chance to work and not be a burden on the system.

As more countries get involved it seems as though more people get hurt rather than helped. This is the biggest emigration the world has seen since World War II. The question still remains, when will this end? And which country will take a step forward to end their suffering?

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