Riverside’s grade nine girls and junior girls volleyball teams have had a successful start to their season. Both teams are currently undefeated in league play and will be headed to the district championships for Coquitlam starting in early November. The teams are hoping to qualify for the Fraser Valley championships in late November.

“The grade nine girls are young and inexperienced, however they are really great athletes who have picked up volleyball quickly…The key to their success is their great athleticism and their ability to learn volleyball quickly.” said grade nine girls coach Mr. Bryan Gee.

This is the first year that the grade nine girls have played together; however, they have had an extremely successful season thus far. While they are currently undefeated in league play, they have also had an eventful tournament season. Despite the fact that they had suffered several losses to very capable teams, the teams believes that these losses simply served to prepare the teams for the district championships.

The junior girls have had an equally successful season. Gee, along with the junior girls coach Taylor Hall, believe that the junior girls are almost at their best that they can be.

“The junior girls are a very strong core of experienced volleyball players who also participate in club play…They are very skilled, athletic, committed, they are really a strong group that is really coming into their own,” said Gee.

Both teams hope to qualify for the Fraser Valley championships, which will be happening towards the end of November.