Riverside’s Leadership classes have created the “Riverside Tough Mudder,” a chance for students to participate in a secondary school version of the Tough Mudder, a team building obstacle course designed to test and push one’s physical and mental limits.

AccRedording to the official website, “Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 18-20 km obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit.” The obstacles encourage group participation and collaboration, as well as helping others overcome their fears they may encounter. Tough Mudder also values team effort, such as finishing together. Riverside has always been strong in the athletic field, and having classes do the course continues to encourage growth in fitness and promote an athletic and healthy lifestyle. Even though Riverside’s version is shorter than the original course, the same objectives of teamwork and having fun is kept in mind throughout the creation and execution of the entire course.

The course is made up of 14 obstacles, spread all throughout Riverside’s outside campus, gymnasium and a portion of Gates Park. The obstacles include climbing a fence, a relay, a three legged race (with your entire group), hurdles, and army crawling through sand and grass.Team outfits are encouraged, and sportsmanship is a must.

Riverside’s annual Tough Mudder is run by Mrs. Blaxland and her grade nine and ten Leadership students. Not only was it beneficial to the Leadership students for their classes and their learning experience, but it provided an opportunity for other grade nine and ten students to gain valuable camaraderie skills and have fun. As it was a daylong event, approximately half of the students in grade nine and ten physical education had the chance to experience the course. However, the other half will not have to miss out as they will get their chance in the spring next semester.

tough mudder

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