On Saturday September 29, 2018, students at Riverside Secondary School participated in a course to receive their radio operators license for aviation. The course was organized by the flying club.

The course had 20 students signed up and interested, according to the sponsor Ms. Teena Della. The course ran from 9:30am – 2:30pm, with a license awarded to the students after successful completion. The course was free to students, along with a free pizza lunch.

“They learned all about how to talk on the radio, with proper etiquette; and about different procedures for different types of airports, as well as, the phonetic alphabet,” said Della.

Della said the license will give students the opportunity to legally operate in an airplane. It is useful for those who want to become a pilot and is valid for their entire lives. Students can choose to use the license at any point.

“I want to be a pilot, obviously it’s a step forward in my career; it will get me the experience I need to set my foot in the door,” said grade 12 student Michael Kovtchega

Flying Club taking a test during the Aviation course.

Grade 12 student Caitlin Shyng said her favorite part was when they got to practice making calls to the airport towers and simulated what it would be like if you were taking off, as well as learning the proper protocols.

Della’s flying club has a list of various activities planned, such as field trips to different aviation locations, learning about flying drones, as well as flights in Della’s “Piper Comanche.” For more info visit her Edu blog.

Photo courtesy of Ms. Teena Della