Students of Riverside’s Multicultural Leadership will be conducting a presentation on their experiences with the Global Partners Institute on January 25 in Room 224.

The Global Partners Institute (GPI) is a non-profit company with the aim of conducting a wide range of international exchanges, including various kinds of English language training, home stay programs, student exchanges, private study programs, and exchanges with sister schools abroad, mainly with Japanese schools.

“We hope the Japanese students can extend their horizon such as understanding language, different cultures and friendship through our programs to adapt to globalization in the future,” said Takeshi Uechi, the Customer Service Manager for GPI.

Volunteers help the Japanese students practice their English during their stay in Canada, as well as to accompany them on their field trips. Students who volunteer to help with the programs provided by GPI leave with positive thoughts about their experiences. “It is great that there is an opportunity to help students from a foreign country improve their English skills,” said James Truong, a grade 12 student from Riverside. “Being able to support students with their English makes me happy and going to field trips is always fun.”

If you are interested in signing up for the Spring Break program, come to the presentation held on January 25 to receive an application form, or sign up online.