From quarter zips to sweatpants, Riverside Entrepreneurship students are definitely coming up with great ideas for students to sport their school logo. With all of these sales come creative marketing techniques.

With the help of Business and Entrepreneurship teacher, Mr. Rothenberger, the students are able to create a product and market it to the students. “Every semester the entrepreneurship class is required to run a business.

Most years the groups decide to sell clothing because it’s almost like a legacy. This year there are groups that are doing different things. For example, there is s group selling lanyards and a group doing sundaes next semester,” said Mr. Rothenberger.

Groups like the “Sweatpants Crew,” which consists of grade 11 students Victor Taranu, Ali Ghane and grade 12 students Liam Wheeler, Josh Mitchell and Mick Oravec joined together to sell sweatpants. Taranu and Ghane started with a variety of ideas and, eventually decided to do Spirit Day t-shirts. Unfortunately, that idea did not work out.

“We needed a new idea. We decided that there is power in numbers, so we joined Liam and Nick to form a group of four,” said Ghane. The group came up with an idea to do sweatpants. “After a fellow student requested that we’d do sweatpants we both all agreed that it would be a good idea,” said Wheeler.

“What makes our product different is the quality of the sweatpants. Riverside logo sweatpants years before didn’t have the quality our product has. We are selling them at a reasonable price. Where do you find sweatpants for $25 these days?” said Taranu.

If students are looking to purchase some Riverside merchandise, there are order forms posted up around the school.